Monday, August 19, 2019

Sythetic Weed Essay -- Drugs, Teenagers

Synthetic weed This is the best stuff ever you have to try it! This is what some kids would say to one another. They are talking about this drug named K2. It is becoming a trend in most teenagers. Teenagers are being admitted to the hospital more often now. They have found something that is legal and can buy around there home town or over the internet. Parents have never heard of this stuff before. It is scary to think that you cannot even tell if a child is taking K2 because there is no drug test to tell you. I think that K2 is worse than the real marijuana. There are symptoms that do come along with taking this drug as well as long term symptoms. Some people may feel that K2 is not as bad as marijuana. But here are the facts on marijuana. The most illegal drug in America is pot. Not always and not in everyone will pot effect people. When taken pot can trigger a mild euphoria and increased sensitivity to body sensations. Some people experience perceptual distortions and they are usually pleasant. The effects of pot usually climax within an hour or two and then tend to fade all at once in three to four hours. Pot isn’t a single molecule that is a drug like alcohol or cocaine. There is a mixture of about 400 different chemical elements. There are about 85 cannabinoids that are unique to pot. The main cannabinoid is THC that is the main chemical in marijuana that triggers the drugs actions and effects on the body. (A) Some people who smoke their brains have more receptors to the THC than other people and that will affect the experience the users will have with THC to get the high. (b) THC is the chemical that is like a bomb when it goes off but it makes you feel good, it breaks up into about 80 separate by... K2 is but K2 is the worst of the two. Even though marijuana has more chemicals and the high lasts long than K2, K2 has more symptoms that are more dangers. Such as the heart beating fast more than a minute like marijuana. Also K2 you are vomiting and kids are being taken to the hospital more often now. K2 also has the keys that lock into the receptors better than marijuana and that way you can get a better high. THC is weaker than the chemicals used in K2 also. All of this information shows that it is bad for you. Anything you put in your body that is a chemical has side effects and should be used with caution. The one thing that I wish they would do to stop kids from getting admitted to the hospitals is to inform the kids what they are getting themselves into. Kids think it is good because it is legal but they are not being informed on the dangers.

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