Thursday, August 1, 2019

Practicum: Tour Guide and Elementary School

We talked about the destinations, accommodation and the budget for each group, because we're divided into 8 groups. The 4 groups are going to Sad and the other 4 are going to ‘locos Norte and Sure. March 26, Second day Sir Mann told me went to De La Sale in Taft Avenue to pass his papers and after that I went to Bambina and bought some medicine for our medical kit that we will be using for our Tour. March 27, Sir Mann told me went to Magmata to meet Mr.. Carlo, he is aBusinessman and my Job is to get his full payment for the Honking Tour, I remember that guy because he gave me a tip and treat me in a high class restaurant. I think he gave me the payment and it cost around forty five thousand pesos in cash so that day I feel Anxious and when I came back in our office I took a rest because we were having a tour on the next day. May 28, I Joined the ‘locos Holy week tour Sir Lieu San Martin and I were partner and we brought 50 Tourist or Clients.They came from different grou p so our mission is to make them friends before the Tour ends. I'm he one who's in-charge in money transactions, checking-in the tourist on their of our tour and my task for this day is to serve and remind the hotel to prepare their breakfast and to be a professional photographer because we coordinator are the one to took them pictures if they requested only. March 30 last day of our ‘locos tour, we went to Vagina heritage to buy some stuffs and shirts and after that back to Manila.WEEK 2: April 2- 8, 2013 April 2, we trainees taught to make a company email address and we made an account in slit. Com to promote some tour packages that we are offering. April 3, Sir Mann taught us how to answer phone calls and how to make a reservation for those clients asking for a tour or some promos that we are offering. April 4, Mama Promotion taught me how to deposit, withdraw and other banking transactions, the truth is I have no idea how banking transactions is processed and I sort out so me receipts and bills.April 5, Sir Ryan our Marketing specialist taught me how to make an ads and how to compute those tour price, accommodation and airline tickets that they are offering. April 6, another ‘locos tour is came so automatically we trainees are joined. We did the same thing like the last tour but this tour is the most unforgettable tour, because one of our clients sends a message to our company directly to Mr.. Mann our General Manager, the client complains are 1 . What a kind of Tour guide you have? 2. Your tour guide is making money on us. 3.The tour guide of your company is not well dressed. The complainant used other mobile number for us not to know who she/he is, by that day I don't know what to do, because I'm not expecting that would be happened. WEEK 3: April 9-12, 15, 2013 April 9, this is Holiday from ‘locos tour we came here at manila by 2 o'clock in the ironing and by 3 o'clock in the morning we went to Lucian, Guenon for our Success in the past Holy week tour and also an incentives because almost of our clients appreciated my effort in that tour and I am very thankful to those clients.April 10, 11, 12, I did some paper works like sort out receipts, print some documents, arranged the files, books, Fliers, Directories, Posters, answer phone calls. April 15, we trainees cleaned up the whole office and put some wall designs because some unexpectedly visitors from Department of Tourism would come. WEEK 4: April 16-19, 2013 April 16, on this day we are tasked to make some research about Minor travelers and airline codes, airport codes, airport rules. We did for the whole day is to read what we searched.April 17, this is the day of our quiz I remember that is a 100 items quiz but only two questions (it's weird right) I got 96 and my co-trainee got 94 so he failed and I got passed but I'm not putting up myself I'm Just happy because I didn't expected that I will passed the quiz. April 18, we were tasked to made a tour itinerary f rom Zebu-boll-campaign, I have no idea in that place so the whole day Im focused n that task and sir and I talked one-on-one about the itinerary I made and fortunately , I passed again because I defend my answer correctly and exactly it made my confident boost.April 19, Sir Mann asked me and my co-trainee to repost all of the ads we post in Slit, the purpose of reposting those ads is to make the clients easily look for that April 22, Just the same thing I did some edit and fix some files and ads on website. April 23, Deposit those payments of the clients in the bank, sort out those receipts again, answering phone calls. April 24, Mr..Mann taught us how to speak fluently and e told me some tips and reminders for me to knew that in the future we need to become comfortable and hospitable in our clients even though our clients is not in a good mood, do paper works, answer phone calls and other matters. April 25, tomorrow would be our last day so I review those tour packages that they're offers and repost it again. April 26, taking pictures of the facilities, gathered those information that I need for the completion of my practicum report and finished my 300 hours of Journey and unforgettable experienced in Tuesday Tours and Travel. General Perception of the training

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