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Analysis the Marine Corps hymn Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Analysis the Marine Corps hymn - Essay Example the shores of Tripoli† and â€Å"To the Shores of Tripoli† which are the first two lines of the first stanza had been coined by 1850, part of the Marine Corps lore then. The Marine Corps Hymn features several literary devices that serve to emphasize its message, give its rhythm, and point to the history of the U.S. Marine Corps. I chose to analyse the Marine Corps Hymn for its place in the hearts of the Marine Corps and reassign message to U.S. nationals. The Marine Corps Hymn which has three stanzas tells the story of the pride that officers serving in the Marine Corps have in what they do for their country. While the first stanza is a proclamation of what the Marine Corps do, the second stanza is a declaration of their commitment to the service of the nation wherever and whenever they are needed. The last stanza which takes on a more celebratory tone passes a message of good will to those in service to the nation as Marines while at the same time serving as a declaration that the streets of the U.S. are always guarded by the Marine Corps. The hymn is which makes mention of different settings including the Halls of Montezuma, Shores of Tripoli, far-off Northern lands, and tropic areas is itself set in no particular place or environment. The hymn features the Marine Corpse as the main character. The Marin Corps tell of their character in the hymn. In the verse, â€Å"First to fight for right and freedom† (6), the Marine Corpse present themselves as people who are brave and committed to the good of the nation. One of the literary devices that feature prominently in the hymn is repetition. In every stanza, the phrase United States Marine is repeated. The repetition of the phrase serves to give emphasis to the fact that the Marines are proud of who they are and their service to the country and are greatly committed to their work. This is evident in the lines, â€Å"We are proud to claim the title   of United States Marine† (1). Yet another device that is evidently

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