Sunday, August 11, 2019

Alcohol Related Violence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Alcohol Related Violence - Essay Example Most of the violence take place when the venues close or when the known figureheads move out of the bar. According to the research, lighting and security staff, taxi ranks and availability of public means of transport are a precursor to liquor related violence. The study recommends frequent revision of licensing terms for setting up liquor venues to reduce the possibility of injury and potential harm. The environment within which the bar needs special consideration since they contribute largely to liquor related violence. Proven evidence shows that change in alcohol price directly affects alcohol consumption. Increased taxation can effectively reduce liquor related violence through reduction of access to alcohol. High taxation of alcohol encourages consumers to turn to drinks with low alcoholic levels of or avoid alcohol. The reduction in alcohol uptake translates to a decrease in alcohol-related violence. The tax earned from increased alcohol taxation can in turn be used to educate the public on the dangers of alcohol as well as treat alcohol-related problems. An increase in alcohol tax will reduce alcohol related violence. Evidence shows that the best way to reduce alcohol related violence involves the local community in addressing the liquor related violence. The community in conjunction with the government and the businessmen can work together towards changing the drinking habits of the people. The empowered community can set code of conducts at the beer dens and agree on violence minimization practices. The community can also come up with measures such as frequent identification at liquor places to know the clients and also spearhead responsible drinking. Research suggests that the government should fund and provide them with the necessary support. Evidence shows that short-term interventions from the community are effective in reducing alcohol-related violence and should be supported. Local

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