Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Hell Is Other People Essay Example for Free

Hell Is Other People Essay He then shouts that they should have at least allowed him his â€Å"damn toothbrush! † The valet is further amused by this outburst, pointing out that every single â€Å"guest† inquires about the torture chamber, and then once they’ve gotten over the initial shock, they start asking for their toothbrushes and what-not. He assures Garcin that he’ll have no need for his toothbrush here, nor sleep, and advises him to forego his â€Å"sense of human dignity†. While trying to come to terms with his situation, Garcin is disturbed by the valet’s lidless eyes and parallels his perpetual sight to his own perpetual consciousness. So that’s the idea, I am to live without eyelids†¦. No eyelids, no sleep; it follows, doesn’t it? I shall never sleep again. But then how shall I endure my own company? † (After rereading the play for a second time, this seems the most ironic bit because Garcin is Liedtke 2 unaware at this point that this room IS his torture chamber, and the other occupants are his torturers, and there will be no escaping them; not even in sleep. ) When left alone, Garcin quickly grows impatient and begins repeatedly ringing the bell which is supposedly meant to summon the valet. However, it doesn’t seem to be orking so he gives up. The door then opens and the valet is accompanied this time by a woman named Inez. She observes Garcin and is silent when the valet asks if she has any questions. When he exits, she immediately demands from Garcin the whereabouts of someone named Florence, but he has no idea what she’s talking about. Inez assumes Garcin is her torturer and when he asks why she thinks that, she replies that torturers often look frightened. He laughs at this, for who have torturers to be frightened of? Inez replies, â€Å"Laugh away, but I know what I’m talking about. I’ve often watched my own face in the glass. † Garcin perceives her hostility but attempts to get along with Inez. He says it’s obvious she doesn’t want him near her and that’s good because he himself would rather be alone anyways. â€Å"To think things through, you know; to set my life in order, and one does that better by oneself. †

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