Monday, June 17, 2019

Personal statement for admission to law school Essay

Personal statement for admission to law school - Essay ExampleBy the clock I reached my junior year in high school, I had become more appreciative of learning and studying the World History particularly sparked my touch to engage in debates and forums in and out of school. I started being passionate in expressing my views on several issues of concern which prevailed at the time and my growing captivation for language and communication had all the more encouraged me to attain further awareness in social and political aspects of living. I must admit though that I encountered occasions when interactions were weaving unhealthy arguments instead. In the process, however, I learned to find worth in listening to others with downright humility and how essential it is to be working on relationships that bear positive impact despite inevitable competitions with batchmates. This principle has supported me to yield into a more flexible character that seeks to find with patience and sincerity even to this day. During early college and the three years of attendance in the Danube International School, I spontaneously developed love toward philosophical studies which deepened my donnish inclinations and involvement with other avenues of learning where public speaking matters with ample essence. Some fellow students under a similar or related field as well influenced me to find delight in studying classical literature and poetry which serves as a collective inspiration for my creativity in thought and path of speech. I recollect having looked up to certain intellectual figures covered in the literary courses and through them, I felt the necessity to contemplate on the very worth of wisdom and acquisition of a revolutionary mind from which acts of profitable reform may be derived to be taken advantage of by the partnership as a whole. Stepping out of the academe via extracurricular commitment gave me the opportunity to explore communities under crises of varied types. T here used to be times when I participated in reach-out projects which were sponsored either by our school or the government and such enlightening experience truly makes a huge difference in anes perception of life. When we paid visit to poor families, my heart could not help outpouring cries at the view of poverty and a general stick out of hopelessness. I needed no effort then to empathize for it was such a revealing moment of truth when reality unfolded itself to break my core and let loose all of the inherent compassion within. At this stage, I told myself that I knew exactly and could discern what my professional desire was going to be like. Due to the substantial sights and physical encounter of impoverished communities, the idea of injustice came instantly and I was brought to ponder that such state of economy has chiefly suffered from inequality especially in terms of allocation of goods. For a case as this, there is much that the government could in the absence of corrupt ion or illegal activities. Hence, I unyielding to pursue law in order that by securing a position as a lawmaker, I would be able to earn the authority of argue people whose rights

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