Saturday, January 4, 2020

Social Work Practice The Use of Self Free Essay Example, 2250 words

Social work profession promotes social change, problem-solving in human relationships and the empowerment and liberation of people to enhance well-being. Utilizing theories of human behavior and social systems, social work intervenes at the points where people interact with their environments. Principles of human rights and social justice are fundamental to social work. From protecting children, looking after the unemployed to caring for the elderly and others going through trauma or grief in their lives, the social worker plays an important role in the uplift of the community and the society at large. Although the social worker s role is important to the community, there are, however, ethical and good practice considerations that have to be kept in mind when practicing social work. Social workers have to live within the limits that are imposed by the law and may also have to work against prejudice in order to make a difference for the better. Social workers have to be clear about w hat is expected of them and what can be considered to be a job well done. The personal histories and characteristics of social workers can influence their work with clients. We will write a custom essay sample on Social Work Practice: The Use of Self or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/page How the social worker s self is manifested during social work encounters and practice can make a lot of difference to the outcome of the efforts that are directed for the benefit of those who are in need of the social worker s assistance.

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