Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Lab 3 essays

Lab 3 essays 1. Of the tools described, I feel that the Executive Support System (ESS) is the best tool for managers today. Not only does it have speech recognition which simplifies typing commands, but it also has expert systems which are self-learning and help aid in decision making. Also packaged in ESS is executive support software, which helps customize databases to fit executives specific needs. 2. The six characteristics of useful information are as follows: significance, reliability, consistency, timeliness, comprehensibility and action-oriented impact. 3. Calendar management software virtually eliminates the multiple phone calls required to schedule meetings; instead, meetings for ten individuals can be scheduled as quickly as a meeting for two people. The best advantage of this software is that anyone can be authorized to view the managers calendar, always seeing the same version. The least liked feature of this software is that some calendar systems dont provide full support for scheduling, which means it might not be used. 4. PDAs are much better than paper and pencil because they come with a vast amount of features that help make working easier. They include calendars, address books, to-do lists, electronic notebooks and more. The major advantage is information can be located easily by keying in a word and allowing the computer to locate it. When you think about it, there really isnt any disadvantages when it comes to PDAs because they can do just about anything you need them to do. 5. I strongly agree that video will be an integral part of the business day in the future. It will allow a business to hold meetings over television where everyone can see everyone even if they are in different states or countries. It will cut down on business travel dramatically, allowing managers to stay closer to their company to make sure business runs smoothly. 6. When it comes to teleconferencing, I feel ...

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