Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Damien rice analysis :: essays research papers

My Eyes Bringing Desire to Christinas World dependency and Hope in the World of a HandicapI cant take my eyes off of you. is repeated many times in the song The Blowers daughter, which means sort of a bit. With the poem and to the painting, the song expresses the feeling in both of the eyes of a hitch person and in the eyes of another person who loves them. Handicapped people require all the attention in the world, and even when they arent being go to to, soulfulness is thinking about them. In the painting, the artist depicts a young girl, who seems to be crawling toward a home on a hill quite the distance a demeanor. She seems to be quite thin and weak, which hints at the point there may be a physical problem with her. In the poem, the farmer and his family open birth to a handicapped child and while watching her sleep, can see the desire and peacefulness in her. His thoughts while they are resting. Shes just imagining, stalks of yellow flowers flush and frilled and rippling, and a song of hours. On this and all the worlds resources, she lingers, lit up like a votive. which means that she is however thinking about the most peaceful things in the world, and no matter what happens while she is awake, those thoughts inside of her will not be changed. These examples express the thought of person being different or struggling to live. With the picture of a weak girl crawling to a home-looking building and the constant attention both shown in the song and the poem, these three things all connect in a certain way. They connect in the way of love and caring. They connect in a way that shows the desire and the determination anyone can see in a handicapped persons eyes. In the song by Damien Rice, it seems, that quite possibly someone has fallen in love with someone. It does not have to be what everyone thinks. Love is not just something between two people, this could also be something felt by a father to a daughter, or a mother to a son, in a completely non se xual and non physical way. The father, who is a farmer in the poem Bringing Desire to The Fields, seems to be in love with his handicapped daughter. He thinks about her constantly, even when he is about to sleep.

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